Saturday, 13 July 2013

Ideas about how to spend the £6m investment in tennis after Andy Murray's Wimbledon victory

How can the tennis community inspire more people to take up the game?

Work with Local Authorities to create opportunities for more people to participate

Build practice walls in highly populated urban areas and more tennis courts in parks and public places.

Maximise the opportunities that already exist eg use badminton courts as mini tennis courts for adults and kids.

Encourage Parents to be aspirational with youngsters because in dreaming, we discover.

Instil in Coaches and Clubs a sense of responsibility towards the communities within which they operate 

Offer your services for free once a month. Visit a local primary school, run a Facebook competition with your members for a free one to one lesson or offer your courts to a community group to run their own session. You will reap what you sow.

As well as this, the tennis community need to invest in their workforce - the coaches - to develop a team of people that are not only capable of nurturing and inspiring the next generation of tennis players but also capable of promoting tennis as a game for everyone and work effectively to eradicate the elitism that exists around the sport

Always play in the rain if the players are willing...

Inspire PLAYers to look at tennis as a game for life

Promote practice, YouTube searches, watching tournaments, taking part in tournaments. Gather groups of children together to train because although tennis is an individual sport, children learn best when in an environment with other children. Foster in them a desire to ask questions of their peers, their parents and coaches. Make sure they have fun. But most of all...

PLAY the game!

You never know when this - 

can turn into this:

Let's have a ball in 2013!

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