Monday, 8 October 2012

Back to the G

G is for guts.

The last six miles of a marathon show you what you're made of as a runner and as a person. You've exhausted the glycogen in your muscles and the benefit of your training has been used up. It's all down to the power of your mind.

In my case it's also down to physical guts. I've experimented with diet a lot over the last twelve months and I think healthier eating has allowed me to become leaner and faster. I've been consuming more good carbs and taken on more protein and good fats.

However, although my legs and lungs usually hold out ok, my stomach lining doesn't really like being pounded around for hours on end. I've been practising pre marathon meals but haven't found the right fit so I've concluded that its going to be porridge and toast for dinner on Saturday night. I'll liven it up with a selection of jams and peanut butters. Life in the fast lane, eh?

The race starts on Sunday at 7 am so it will be up at 4 am for a plate of porridge for breakfast too.

More in future posts about diet.

G is for goals.

When the race has been run next week, there will be nothing left to work for unless there's another goal in place. My goals for the rest of 2012 are to get my 5k and 10k times down and to do this in interesting locations in Australia or New Zealand!

'Mind is everything; muscles, mere pieces of rubber. All that I am, I am because of my mind.'

Paavo Nurmi, nine time Olympic hold medallist.

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