Saturday, 13 October 2012

Pressure is a privilege...

So goes the title of tennis legend Billie Jean King's book about lessons she has learned from life.

I'm going to adopt this as my mantra as I attempt to run the marathon tomorrow in 3.10 or better. I wonder if it will work as I struggle with the hill I hear is awaiting at 35k...

The coach at my running club in Australia posted a picture of the finish on Facebook a few minutes ago which is going to be etched in my mind's eye as inspiration.

My Scottish running coach always says, "you're only as good as your next race". This helps me keep a sense of perspective. No matter how well or how badly tomorrow goes, there will be other races, other moments in time to relish like this one.

I often find myself trying to convey this sense of perspective to the pupils I have who play tournaments. The reality is that most people lose more matches than they win, especially in the beginning. Players can get so disheartened but if they could see that it's all part of a long journey and become more goal orientated then I think it would help them to fulfil their potential in a more holistic way, learning valuable life lessons as they go.

For now it's early to bed, early to rise and hope to report on a good time tomorrow.

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